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Messer stimulates curiosity at the “European Researchers' night”

Albert Einstein: “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

This quote from Albert Einstein, one of the most important scientists of our age, was the motto of the “Night of the Scientists”, in the year 2009, in Hungary. Awakening the interest of young people in science and drawing them to the natural sciences in order to increase the number of graduates and trained personnel in these fields, these are the objectives which the European Commission hopes to achieve with its “European Researchers’ Night” initiative, in which Hungarian research institutions have once again taken part.

Universities and research institutes from 18 cities in Hungary organised more than 500 interactive and entertaining scientific programmes. Among the attractions were an opportunity for visitors to discover their own mental map, experience the power of wind in a wind tunnel, and even the chance to fly over the Danube in a flight simulator.

This was the fourth time that Hungary has taken part in this European event, and this time it enjoyed Messer’s active support, with a range of experiments on display on the Messer stage in Budapest under the motto “Miracles – out of thin air”.  These experiments offered demonstrations of where, and how, gases which are in the air around us are utilised in our everyday lives, while also showing just how fascinating the world of gases in their various states of aggregation can be.

Providing support for science and innovation plays an important role in the policies of the Messer Group. As part of its innovation fund, Messer supports numerous development projects which are undertaken by universities and technical colleges, including research into the more effective utilisation of industrial gases.