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The customer: Coca-Cola Hellenic Procurement GmbH

The Coca-Cola Hellenic Procurement GmbH is the world’s second-largest and Europe’s largest bottler of Coca-Cola Company products. The company operates 80 bottling plants and sold more than 13 billion litres of soft drinks in 2010. Its area of operation covers 28 countries, predominantly in central and eastern Europe, covering a total population of over 560 million people. Besides Coca-Cola Hellenic, Messer also supplies Coca-Cola Enterprise in France as well as Coca-Cola China.

Interview with Miroslav Urica

Strategic Procurement Manager at Coca-Cola Hellenic Procurement GmbH:

“Messer has proved to be a flexible and reliable partner in every respect.”

Which gases do you get from Messer?

Miroslav Urica: In 2010, Messer supplied us with some 38,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide and 4,500 tonnes of liquid nitrogen. The latter is used in filling thin-walled PET bottles or cans. A slight overpressure develops when the nitrogen evaporates, giving the containers the necessary stability.

What is the most important factor in relation to the gases?

Miroslav Urica: Quality is our prime consideration. The Coca-Cola Company has defined its own very strict specifications for this. The supplier must carry out regular checks and be able to demonstrate that these specifications are being complied with. We also need an international player who can preferably partner us in all our sales areas. And of course the price has to be right too.

What do you expect from the supplier?

Miroslav Urica: It is important to us that they are flexible, and that their service adheres to the agreed standard. There is always the possibility of an unplanned spike in demand, for instance during unexpectedly hot weather. The supplier then has to be able to deliver a sufficient quantity of gases at very short notice. We also expect any technical problems that may occur with the tanks and pipelines to be resolved very quickly. Since 2000, Messer has proved to be a flexible and reliable partner in every respect. That is why we want to further strengthen our cooperation.What do you expect from the supplier?


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