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Acetylene and other Fuel Gases

Acetylene is a high-performance fuel gas that is traditionally produced through the reaction of calcium carbide with water. Today, Messer obtains most of its acetylene in Europe from petrochemical processes.

Acetylene has a huge range of applications: whether it be oxyfuel technology, welding, cutting, flame cleaning, flame spraying, flame straightening or gouging – the gas with the chemical formula C2H2 is ideal for all these areas.

Other fuel gases
Besides acetylene, Messer also supplies other fuel gases that are petrochemical by-products. These include Grieson®, which is used in oxyfuel cutting. Grieson is a high-performance fuel gas that combines top performance and quality for many applications. Grieson offers an energy-rich, high-temperature flame with low oxygen consumption. Grieson provides greater safety because it is lighter than air, which means that it can also be used in confined working environments, e.g. in shipbuilding, underground, in pits and shafts.

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