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News 2011

Bad Soden / Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 21.12.2011
Flexible instead of expensive: new gas supply

Bad Soden / Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 02.12.2011
Messer makes the invisible visible

Darmstadt, Germany, 25.10.2011
Stefan Roth receives Adolf Messer Award

Bad Soden / Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 11.10.2011
Messer supplies nitrogen unit for reactor cooling at Lanxess

Bad Soden / Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 13.09.2011
Messer opens new company headquarters

Bad Soden / Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 01.09.2011
“I breathe life into the sculptures by extracting the air”

Krefeld, Germany, 25.08.2011
Dual use of cooling

Siegen, Kaan-Marienborn, Germany, 03.08.2011
Unfall im Gase-Abfüllwerk von Messer in Siegen

Krefeld, Deutschland, 25.07.2011
Sun, gas and energy

Bad Soden / Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 08.07.2011
Stefan Messer awarded title of Honorary Senator of the TU Darmstadt

Bad Soden / Frankfurt/Main, Germany, 25.05.2011
Messer consolidates its position in Vietnam

Bad Soden / Frankfurt/Main, Germany, 20.05.2011
Industrial gases: Messer achieves record results

Bad Soden / Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 18.05.2011
Blechexpo 2011 in Stuttgart – Industrial gases specialist Messer showcases its wide product range for welding and cutting

Bad Soden / Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 12.05.2011
Messer consolidates market position in Austria

Bad Soden / Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 11.05.2011
Messer nominated for the entrepreneurs’ award “TRIGOS 2011”

Krefeld, Germany, 05.04.2011
Nitrogen cleans eyepieces

Sulzbach / Frankfurt/Main, Germany, 11.02.2011
Hans Messer Prize awarded to graduates of FH Frankfurt

Sulzbach / Frankfurt/Main, Germany, 01.02.2011
Messer expands in Albania

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