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DVS “Expo” 2015 in Nuremberg

Industrial gas specialist Messer will be presenting its products and services at the DVS "Expo" 2015 in Nuremberg. At Booth A16 in Hall 4a Messer will display, among other things, the benefits of using new inert welding gases: When MAG welding plain steels, for example, they enable the quality and cost-effectiveness to be increased. The company will also focus on comprehensive, expert customer consulting. Cost optimisation begins with cost transparency. The choice of the right inert welding gas, the ideal volume flow and the optimum parameter combinations will be in the spotlight in order to save on post-processing effort, welding time and consequently costs. A customised selection of gases and provision method plus optimal supply of inert welding gas allow the total production costs to be decreased. With presentations by specialists, Messer will show the wide range of application areas for its products and provide information on the savings potential generated by the use of ternary mixtures. In addition, the industrial gas specialist will offer a calculation of the cost-effectiveness of welding processes and personal consulting.

Messer presenting its products at DVS „Expo” 2015